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What can a Sentinel support worker do for my loved one?

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At Sentinel Care Services, we understand the prospect of letting a stranger look after your loved one can be daunting, they are not you and won’t understand like you do. But sometimes work, family commitments, distance or a whole host of other factors are at play meaning you can’t be there to see to your loved one’s needs.

We’ve built our company on caring for others as if they were our own family – it what is known as “person centred care” and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you and your loved one are happy with the care they receive.

We can’t replace you, but what our support workers have is the experience to help you and your loved one deal with difficult circumstances, so working together the best outcome for your loved one is achieved.

It really is up to you to tell us what’s best for your loved one and we’ll try our best in every circumstance to accommodate you. There are plenty of things we can do during our visits for your loved one, whether it’s a focus on their personal care or whether it’s more of a social visit.

Lots of the people we care for are on medication so this is where our expertise will help, one of the things we can do for them is to ensure they take their medication when they are supposed to and the correct dose in the correct manner.

We can take them to collect their prescriptions or order them on their behalf, or arrange for GP visits if they are feeling unwell.

Visits in the morning or evening can include getting them up or putting them to bed as well as helping them with any personal hygiene requirements. We know how as we get older the difficulty in dealing with those awkward fastenings and toilet visits challenge us, all our staff are specially trained in maintaining dignity so we take the worry out of dealing with life’s challenges so your loved one can enjoy living.

A big worry for anyone with an unwell or elderly relative is that they’re eating well and we can also help there – preparing and cooking meals for them to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. If they’ve got pets, we can also help out with them too. Maybe they have a dog to walk or maybe their pets need feeding as well.

One of the most important aspects of being a support worker is offering companionship to the people we care for. We understand that families can often live miles apart and knowing someone is there for their loved one can be a massive relief. Just going in and talking to someone for half an hour can be a huge boost for them.

If they’re able to get out and about, we can take them to groups or clubs, attend events with them or even go out with them for meals – and remember we know how to ease those worries about help with personal hygiene and assisting with awkward stairs.

Whether they love reading magazines, arts and crafts or have any other hobbies, we can insure they’re able to continue with their pastimes and alleviate the boredom being less mobile can bring.

If you’re thinking about how having a carer could benefit your loved one then do give us a call and we’d be more than happy to have a chat about what you think they need and how we can help.

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