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It’s all change at Sentinel Care Services

You may have noticed a bit of a change here at Sentinel Care Services.

Firstly – you might not have heard that name before. It’s part of a new and exciting adventure for us, but don’t worry, not too much is changing.

I’m Steve Harris, director of Sentinel Care Services and former director of Carewatch (Mid Shropshire and South West Staffordshire), and I’d like to explain everything.

This month we have left the Carewatch franchise group which we launched under 16 years ago.

Our name may have changed but our staff will all stay the same. Their uniforms will change (to have the new name and logo on), but it’ll still be the same smiling faces that visit you, your family or friends. Our customers will all stay the same and the contracts of care will all be the same. Our head office at Stafford Park will be the same and our telephone number will stay the same.

It has been a long process to reach this stage and a decision I felt needed to be made. The reason we’ve left is so I can improve our company.

I want to further develop technology in care, expand the area we serve and offer more services.

We are moving ahead faster than Carewatch currently allowed us to do so, over the last year or so we have introduced paper free working and we are exploring the possibility of more assistive technology for our customers.

I feel as a standalone business we can provide much more and change the way we work.

Our aim is to become a reactive domiciliary care company where we go to our customers when they need us, not for the half-an-hour or so scheduled on our timetable.

We currently provide care for people in Telford, Shrewsbury and some areas of Staffordshire – but with this move we can also expand into North Shropshire towns such as Wem and Whitchurch and other parts of Staffordshire such as Stafford and North Cannock.

In time we hope to provide nursing care too, we want staff who are qualified to administer catheters, injections and the like, which we were previously not able to do.

We won a lot of awards under our former Carewatch company so I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do now.

Our plans for expansion of services and into new areas is something we are looking forward to developing over time – but for now not much will change at all.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear feedback about what we can improve too, we’re working for you.

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