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We’re almost ready with our re-brand

So, we’re almost there with our re-brand and ready to officially launch our new company.

Sentinel Care Services has been taking shape over the last few weeks and a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes.

We’re hoping it’s all looked smooth and effortless to the outside world – but I can tell you we’ve worked very hard to make sure everything is just right.

I’m Steve Harris, managing director of Sentinel, and I’m very happy to say we have new uniforms for all our staff.

Having switched over from the Carewatch franchise in January, we have changed our colours from deep blue to maroon and cream and the staff are all in smart new uniforms to reflect this.

We are also having a new website built which is due to go live very soon and it’ll be full of information about what we do and exactly who we are – our aim is to be more personable and more approachable with more services and innovation than we have been able to do before, so we hope you get that impression when you learn a little more about the likes, dislikes, hobbies and past experiences of our staff with the launch of our new website. Watch this space.

The amount of work that’s been completed is phenomenal, but with careful planning and dedicated staff, plus the assistance of some great people helping us, I’m pleased to report we are very close to being all done.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved. Our staff here at our head offices in Stafford Park, Telford, have all been great.

It can be a scary time when your boss announces a big change like this but we wanted to assure people that there really wasn’t going to be many changes – and any changes made would be positive ones – as a result all of our staff have been fully behind us and supportive of the move.

We have consulted with our customers to keep them informed and, in the same way, if customers have called with any questions we have been happy to help. We’ve had many reports of positive feedback about the new uniforms and service we’re offering and we aim to keep everyone – both customers and their families – up to date and informed about everything we’re up to. Hopefully our new website will be part of this too.

So thank you, to everyone who has helped in large ways or small – we’re very much looking forward to launching our new company very soon!

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