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Sentinel Appoint New Assistant Care Manager To The Team

We are delighted to unveil our latest recruit to friends and clients and issue a warm welcome to Liz Hughes – our new Assistant Care Manager.


Liz has a wealth of experience in the care industry and in training, learning and development.


She will be working at our Telford base and will be a major force in helping us drive our business forward as we look to expand over the coming years and bring the highest level of care to even more people in our community.


Liz lives in Whitchurch and has four children. She said:


“I had 25 years in the care industry before working as a trainer/assessor at SBC – the county based private training company.


“I also worked for a while years as a Service Improvement Manager That was pretty full on and saw me travelling all over the country putting care homes that needed it back on track. I was looking for a change and Steve sold the job to me well. I was excited at the possibilities at Sentinel and had no hesitation in taking up the role.


“Coming to Sentinel is not a leap into the unknown. I know the company well and I was working with a girl here helping her towards her diploma. She has done all of our NVQ’s for the last few years so has probably worked with over 50 learners here all at different levels.


“I am hoping to play a major role in helping, supporting and teaching. I have a lot of different experiences which I am only too pleased to pass on to staff.


“It’s all about reassurance, guidance and helping to instil confidence. I am someone they can unload on, if you like, and am willing for them to do that when necessary to help keep things moving along.


“I worked with the elderly and vulnerable very early in my care career and took steps to teach myself all about the problems of dementia. I have always been proactive in learning and keeping abreast of what is going on in the industry.


“I’ve only just taken up the job and am looking forward to the future with Sentinel. The focus here is on providing the best care for the clients, but they also have a proven track record with training staff and apprenticeships.


“Hopefully the varied working experiences I have had during my life, including all aspects of the care industry, will allow me to help the company expand the business along current lines and also in some new directions.”

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