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Liberty Belles is a new arm of Sentinel Care Services and is the brainchild of our managing director, Steve Harris.

At Sentinel Care Services we are always looking at ways of improving our service to customers and helping the wider community – so we have come up with a new scheme that will offer greater mobility to people who find it difficult to get around freely.

 Being a premier award winning care company we know only too well of the problems associated with not being unable to get about to fulfil the most simple of tasks of everyday life, things most of us take for granted. IMG_2672

Steve explains how the new service will work: “There are a lot of people out there who feel marooned in their own homes because they don’t need formal care services, but don’t feel confident going out on their own, and their families have busy lives to lead. 

“There could be a number of reasons for isolation, poor mobility or just lack of confidence, and what Liberty Belles is all about is giving people their independence back. 

With this in mind we have launched a new service which is aimed at reducing isolation and loneliness. Liberty Belles provides a safe and reliable care based transport service with the added extra of the driver being able to support their passenger whilst out and about.

 It is aimed at people who do not need formal care services, but just need a bit of extra help to get out and about, or a day out with friends

 “It is principally a care based transportation and companion service, so we don’t just take passengers to their destination and leave them there, we accompany them throughout their journey.

IMG_2679 “A classic example is an elderly person who wants to go shopping. Rather than struggling onto a bus, we can take them from their armchair, help them into the vehicle, help them into the supermarket, push their trolley for them, pack their items into the bag, help them back into the car, drive them home and help them back into their armchair – even making them a cup of tea to round things off.

 “The unique element of Liberty Belles is that it is under the umbrella of Sentinel Care Services, so our staff are all professionally trained and police checked carers. We hope that will give people the confidence that they are in safe, professional hands.

 “It is a well-established fact that isolation and loneliness are the biggest problem facing elderly people, and are a major cause of health deterioration – often leading to people having to go into residential care.

 “We want to help tackle that, and what better way of doing it than providing assisted transport so people can leave their home fully confident they have help at hand from a professional carer”.

 For more information about Liberty Belles telephone 01952 219919, email or visit the website @



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