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Winter is coming – Are you winter ready?

The time of year when the cold and damp conditions not to mention snow and frost can take the life of many of our loved ones especially those who are frail or live alone. Are you ready to take on the worst of the weather? What about your elderly relative? It sounds frightening but it needn’t be with some simple preparations.

Make sure you have access to essential supplies to keep yourself warm and stocked with essential provisions, order your oil or top up with gas if you have that sort of payment structure

Be prepared to handle any emergency medication issues get your prescriptions in early.

If you have an elderly relative sign up or look for free weather forecasting alerts which will warn you of poor or sever weather in your area.

Get you flu jab (see below or ask you GP surgery)

Don’t forget to phone you elderly relative and check that they are alright, you would be surprised the amount of families who don’t.

Ensure you relative has a list of emergency numbers close at hand.

Ask your elderly next door neighbour for their phone number and ask if it’s ok to call them if the weather is bad to check on your relative.

Check out public transport they often travel on main routes when you can’t get out of your own drive.

Ensure you vehicle and battery are in good condition most garages will check you battery for free, and don’t forget you anti-freeze.

It’s also useful to purchase some jump leads, a snow shovel and a tow rope


Useful web sites

MetOffice UK Severe Weather Warnings:

The Flu Vaccine:

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