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A Letter From Steve

Hi all,

You may not know, but I am currently suffering from a Blood Cancer Condition called Myelodysplastic Sydromes (MDS) this is a terminal illness unless a bone marrow transplant can be undertaken.

I want to do as much as I can to raise the profile of Bloodwise and raise funds to help people in the same situation as me to deal with this debilitating illness, which if left to run to its conclusion will develop into leukaemia.

We organize events throughout the year to work towards a yearly total. Last year we managed to raise over £1000. We need support from our staff and members of the public to help us achieve our goals each year. Every little bit helps and every donation will provide more support and research towards beating blood cancer.

Daisy Turner who was diagnosed with a type of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) at the young age of 16 “I first realised something was wrong when I kept falling asleep at school. But when I was diagnosed, MDS was no more than a label to me, I did not feel sick.”

Having lived relatively comfortably with MDS for three years Daisy still felt unstoppable. But during her gap year her life changed. Suddenly her bone marrow stopped producing important blood cells and she desperately needed intensive treatment.

Daisy is now in remission but the help she received was incalculable to her “What broke me was learning that I would lose my hair as a result of the chemotherapy. Silly, I know, but to me this was a sign that I really was sick and could no longer hide it, not even from myself.”

I would like to encourage you to help us where you can and join in with our events, every bit makes a difference. I know that people are generous with their time and help many other good causes but your help would be very much appreciated.

Steve Harris standing next to the Sentinel Care Services sign.


Steve Harris

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Managing Director

Sentinel Care Service

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